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European Institutions & Bangladesh

At national levels in European countries, Bengalis have set up numerous organisations to meet various aspects of societal needs, and also participate in existing and mainstream organisations. With expansion and integration of Europe, many decisions are now made by different European institutions affecting, along with others, lives and futures of European Bangladeshis, that have so far not been systematically monitored and observed, and thus no voices were raised in these forums in the interest of European Bangladeshis.

Equally, various European institutions like European Commission, European Parliament and others that determine European policies toward Bangladesh; economic, trade, environment, political, socio-cultural and others, have always been adopted without inputs from European Bangladeshis, who as European tax payers, and more importantly, are best placed to suggest European policy makers about the nature and substance of European-Bangladesh relationship, and in this respect, can closely work with and support the European Institutions, governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental.

Also missing, so far, was common European Bangladeshi voice addressed to the Government of Bangladesh on their hopes, aspirations and disappointments. Relevance of Europe for Bangladesh as it is, each European Bengali has personal interest in fortune of Bangladesh.

National organisations in many European countries have been engaged in similar exercises, but EBF intends to offer a broader platform, and a coordinated voice.